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Welcome to my world of Woodworking

My love of woodworking started in 2009 when I made my first five drawer cabinet, using Poplar and Birch, and I have been hooked ever since. Among the items I have made are a series of shadow boxes to house my wife's sand and seashell collection that she has gathered from around the world, two side tables that match existing furniture, a toy chest and matching large mirror, a tavern mirror and jewelry boxes to name a few. I have many more woodworking projects planned for the future.

Five-Drawer Cabinet
Shadow Boxes
Bose Wave Radio Stand
with Drawer

Toy Chest
Large Mirror
Jewelry Chest
Side Tables
Votive Candle Holders
Jotaba Box
Large Tray and
Long Boxes

tray tray tray tray

A Variety of
Small Boxes

small boxes small boxes small boxes small boxes
Swiss Cheese Board cheeseboard
Long Jewelry Box
A Series of 4 Boxes
Rolling Flower Boxes
Candy Canes small boxes small boxes small boxes